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Make-a-Bear birthday parties - Perth, WA

Beary Party is a Build a Teddy Bear

activity perfect for kids birthday parties. 

Stuff a Bear - About Beary Party

Beary Party is a Make-a-Bear birthday party. A new, exciting and fun birthday party experience in Perth for kids of all ages.

This mobile build a bear making party kit with a special Train stuffing machine - a first of its kind in Western Australia for hire.

Kids will be thrilled to see their own Teddy Bear come to life, in 4 easy steps:

1. Pick Me!        2. Fluff Me!          3. Dress Me!           4. Love Me!

More importantly, every guest leaves the birthday party with a new Teddy Bear. It will be a Teddy Bear party they will not forget!

Started in 2012

Beary Party started from a passion my son has about stuffed toys.

As a parent with 2 boys, this is very close to my heart. My oldest son is crazy about stuffed toys, with a collection of more than 50. 'Beary' is named after his most precious and highly treasured teddy bear and friend. You will see 'Beary' appear in quite a number of photos.

It is my hope that your child will be able to experience the joy of having a Beary Party.